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Commuter Parking

Parking Tariffs: 
: £518 
Monthly: £48
Please apply through the contact page for yearly or monthly permits.
We are no longer selling Daily tickets.

We started selling daily tickets during the Covid lockdowns, when customers were parking so infrequently that the carpark was often empty. Now, mid-week demand has become such that we are too full, and those who hold a permit are finding it difficult to find a parking space. We are still selling monthly or annual permits.

Annual Permits (from 1st May ) £450
Monthly Permits    £42 per month

Please use the contact box to apply for a permit or email directly

The entrance to the carpark is on Philpots Lane.
The parking area is clearly marked.
Park wherever you find a space.
There's a footpath leading directly from the parking area to the station (some 150m). 
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