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About Us

Philpots Allotments was founded in May 2009.

Philpots Allotments is dedicated to community action, environmentally friendly food production, and the use of Green Belt land in a way that benefits the land and its inhabitants. 

When we opened at the end of Philpots Lane, we were the first allotments to exist in the Parish of Hildenborough for almost a generation. Prior to our opening, the site had been used to house resuced horses and donkeys, and before then, for the cultivation of Christmas trees. During the war the site was one of the locations used for Barrage Balloons, and we have found some old footings which were probably anchor points for the balloons. We discovered that several of the plots also contain old brick workings.


The site remains busy and diverse today as it has in its past. 

Before the allotments opened, the site was used for the milling and processing of timber, which continues here today. This timber, mostly Sweet Chestnut and Oak felled from the local area, has been used for work on Public Rights of Way throughout Kent and in local country parks over the past twenty years. 

In 2003 we were granted permission to build the barn, which is constructed purely from local timber. The barn is primarily a workshop for timber framing and general carpentry. 

In 2012, planning permission was granted to allow the site to be used as a Commuter Car Park, alongside its other functions.

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