Covid-19 Response​

Like many other businesses around the country, Covid-19 has badly impacted Philpots Parking. When the pandemic hit, our 170 customers started working from home, and will likely continue to do so for the foreseeable future. This unfortunately means that we have had to close the main car park until demand returns to pre-covid levels.


For many years, the car park financed the provision of the 20 Allotments. Despite the £50 annual fee for an allotment, the cost of maintenance water supply, and security, means that they do not make a profit.


However, we feel they provide something valuable to Hildenborough and the local community. It has been wonderful seeing the site so bountiful as people sought to grow their own produce during lockdown. It is for these reasons that we are committed to keeping them.


We still are offering commuter parking but within the allotments area.


If demand increases, we shall re open the main car park but currently there is not sufficient demand to do so.

Proposed Re-development of Philpots Parking

Given that the car parking area is completely redundant, we are thinking of alternative uses for the site, it may be many years before the demand for commuter parking returns and there is a real possibility that Hildenborough Station no longer needs the levels of commuter parking that it provided before the pandemic.


Longer term no one knows, currently we have about 5% of the business compared to the beginning of the year.


We would like to ask all of our customers to express a view on this, more over if any of you feel that you could become part of any redevelopment, then we would like to hear from you. Please do contact us with any ideas.